Saddle Fit Part I – The Horse

Is your horse struggling with training? Is his back stiff or sore? Does he seem overly bothered when you tighten the girth? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to check your saddle fit. Using a saddle that fits your horse properly is extremely important! If the saddle pinches … Continue reading Saddle Fit Part I – The Horse


Choosing Your Next Dressage Horse

When choosing your next dressage partner, there are several factors to consider. Whether the horse is a weanling or already under saddle, it is important to look at his movement, conformation, and temperament. Both the walk and the canter are far more important than the trot. As Charlotte Dujardin says, “the trot can be manufactured … Continue reading Choosing Your Next Dressage Horse

Arena Footing and its Effects on Sport Horses

Written for KWPN-NA by YK Ambassador: Mara Santiz Arena footing has been a subject of contention for many years. New arenas with synthetic footing have become more common over the last few years, making them easier to maintain, but are they the best choice for the health of our athletes? There are three general phases … Continue reading Arena Footing and its Effects on Sport Horses

Rollkur Training: Is it really gone?

Let’s have an open discussion about Rollkur, and the way some riders are still riding in a similar manner. Rollkur is defined as hyperflexion of the horse’s neck achieved through aggressive force. This training technique was banned by the FEI, but it doesn’t seem to be as gone as the federation believes. Riding in a … Continue reading Rollkur Training: Is it really gone?