Navicular Syndrome

  Navicular Syndrome can affect any horse; however most cases tend to occur in heavy horses with upright pasterns and small hooves. The poor conformation of these horses means that the heel is taking on too much weight and the force isn’t dispersed throughout the entire hoof as it should be. In fact, anything that … Continue reading Navicular Syndrome


Cushing’s Disease Explained

Cushing’s Disease, or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is an endocrine disease that creates hormonal imbalances. PPID can occur in horses of all ages but is more likely to occur in those over 20 years old. This disease is closely related to Parkinson’s Disease and has several of the same symptoms, including lethargy and poor … Continue reading Cushing’s Disease Explained

Choosing Your Next Dressage Horse

When choosing your next dressage partner, there are several factors to consider. Whether the horse is a weanling or already under saddle, it is important to look at his movement, conformation, and temperament. Both the walk and the canter are far more important than the trot. As Charlotte Dujardin says, “the trot can be manufactured … Continue reading Choosing Your Next Dressage Horse

To The Girl Who Goes Unnoticed: I See You, And Your Time Will Come

*Written for The Chronicle of The Horse* *Appeared in Heelsdown Magazine (online)* We’ve heard about all of the major stars in the equestrian world and read about their journeys to success, but what about those of us who haven’t made it yet? Maybe you don’t have lots of medals, and maybe you can’t compete because … Continue reading To The Girl Who Goes Unnoticed: I See You, And Your Time Will Come

Arena Footing and its Effects on Sport Horses

Written for KWPN-NA by YK Ambassador: Mara Santiz Arena footing has been a subject of contention for many years. New arenas with synthetic footing have become more common over the last few years, making them easier to maintain, but are they the best choice for the health of our athletes? There are three general phases … Continue reading Arena Footing and its Effects on Sport Horses